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Getting user login from the PeopleEditor via Code

Posted by PANVEGA on February 1, 2008

Assuming you have a people editor control defined like below:

<wssawc:PeopleEditor AllowEmpty=”false”  ID=”myPeopleEditorControl” runat=server SelectionSet=”User” MaximumEntities=”1″ MultiSelect=”false” AllowTypeIn=”false” Width=’500px’ />

The following code sample will get you the currently logged on user’s login from the PeopleEditor control:

ArrayList peEntities = myPeopleEditorControl.Entities;
PickerEntity pickEn = (PickerEntity)peEntities[0];
stringLogIn = pickEn.Key;

This comes handy when you want to create an SPUser context out of the entities kept in the PeopleEditor control. For example:

private SPUser GetUser(string logIn)

SPUser user = this.workflowProperties.Web.SiteUsers[logIn];
return user;

Don’t forget Required Field Validation on your people editor control if you want the code not to break on you.


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