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MyLinks without MySite

Posted by PANVEGA on December 1, 2008

In this post I am gonna show you how to manage the global MyLinks for users without activating the MySite.

The goal is that every user can admin his own custom links (Like in the MyLinks) without having access to the MySite. In addition the user should see all his personal links in a webpart in the Startpage.

About personal sites

In Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, My Sites are special SharePoint sites that are personalized for each user. My Sites are enabled by default, and every user in an organization has a unique My Site.

The personal site is each user’s My Site home page. The personal site is private by default, so the home page of each personal site can only be viewed by the site owner. The personal site is the page that appears when users click the My Site link for the site, and can also be accessed by clicking My Home on the My Site top link bar by users who want to view their own public profiles. It is also the page that appears when users click links to their own name.

In the following steps I am gonna explain how to achiev this goal:

  1. Login with an administrator account
  2. go to you MyLinks e.g. http://moss:32901/_layouts/myquicklinks.aspx
  3. Change the URL to e.g. Otherwise you get the My Site Link in the Breadcrumb.
  4. Insert the new Link somewhere in your Naviagtion or Page. When clicking the Link the User is able to manage all his personal Links, Groups and Views.mylinks
  5. You can also change the Link in the Webpart´s properties Headline to your custom QuickLinks
  6. Go to the Central Administration Web Page. Click on the link for Shared Services Administration
  7. If you have more than one SSP, select the one that is running the MySites functionality
  8. Under “User Profiles and My Sites” click Personalization Services Permissions
  9. Select the group you want to limit the functionality for.  More than likely you will just have NTAuthority\Authenticated Users.
  10. Go to the Group or User properties
  11. Uncheck all Permission except “Use personal features”capermission
  12. Save everything.
  13. Go to the My Site. Add new Webpart –> choose My Links
  14. Export the My Links Webpart. Go back to your SP application and import the Webpart to your Webpart Gallery.
  15. Edit your Page and add you new uploaded Webpart MyLinks


That´s it. Good luck

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