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Javascript set the setAttibute dynamically for SharePoint Sites

Posted by PANVEGA on January 9, 2009

I have been trying to dynamically set an attribute using setAttribute() in a javaScript mehtod.

I wanna use this way to show the user which link is an external link on the Website. More detailed information in  one of my other posts.

Using setAttribute, you should be able to set any attribute on an element. It appears that in IE, trying to set the style attribute does not work.

Problem: Using firefox‘s DOM Browser, i can see that the class attribute is being assigned a class called “NewLinkClass” but the styles associated with this class (just a bold and color) do not show in IE. The styled class does show in Mozilla.

One important exception is class; in Mozilla you can do this (as you would expect) :

//all other browsers

function checkBrowserName(name){
var agent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
if (agent.indexOf(name.toLowerCase())>-1) {
return true;
return false;

Now, I found a better solution with the same result:

thisLink.setAttribute((document.all ? “className” : “class”), “NewLinkClass”);

In the code above, i am using a javascript function to insert a class attribute into the dom. This part works. I then tried to give the div a classname using newdiv.setattribute(“classname”,”NewLinkClass”). For IE I use className and for the rest of the Browsers just class.

Instead of browser sniffing and doing an if/else, you can just to call both statements, since it does no harm (IE ignores the “class” setting, and Mozilla will have both a “class” and “classname” attribute defined).
Good Luck!


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