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CSS Styles for your GlobalLinks in the Core.css

Posted by PANVEGA on July 13, 2009

So usually Mozillas Firebag or IE´s DeveloperTool bar are perfect for editing the CSS Styles for your SharePoint pages.  But sometimes there are some fairly hard styles to catch though, even with the assistance of on of these add-ons. Within your SharePoint site you want to customize the colors or background a little.

Generally, styles I primarily use to change the main elements of Site Actions are as follows, though a quick search for “ms-menuUI” in core.css will lead you to the quick realization that this list is not near exhaustive:

DO NOT MODIFY THE CORE.CSS. But the classes into a seperate CSS file and reference it in your MasterPage.

.ms-MenuUIPopupBody TABLE{
color: menu item text;
color: menu item text;
.ms-MenuUIItemTableCell A,.ms-MenuUIItemTableCellHover A,.ms-MenuUIItemTableCellCompact A,.ms-MenuUIItemTableCellCompactHover A{
color: menu item link;
color: item description text;
color: item text on hover;
background-color:#ffde67; row on hover
border: row on hover;
.ms-MenuUIItemTableHover .ms-menuitemdescription{
color: item description text on hover;
background-color: separator line;

Here you find more information:


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