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How to add a SPFeatureReceiver to a Custom ListInstance?

Posted by PANVEGA on January 19, 2009

In reference to my previous post about binding a Custom ContentType to a new ListInstance, I wanna solve this issues belowe with a SPFeatureReceiver class in Visual Studio.

First off the default view of your list does not contain those custom columns. When you select the item you will of course see all of your columns but they aren’t listed in the default view. Secondly the default content type for the list is still available to the user. In the case of a generic list the “Item” content type is still present. So when a user enters a new item they are able to select Item or your custom content type. This may not be desirable. Also if you are using the API to insert a new item into the list it will use the list’s default content type instead of the one you may be expecting. Once again this may not be desirable.

To overcome these restrictions we’re going to create a generic feature receiver that can be reused on any implementation using this technique. Read the rest of this entry »


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How to create a new List Item Instance with a Feature

Posted by PANVEGA on January 18, 2009

List Instances

A list instance is a list created by using a list template. When creating a list this way, you can override some of the list properties set in the template, and you can include data rows that will also be created as list items in the list. In this example we gonna create a Custom List Instance called BannerList. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to develope a Custom SP EventReceiver

Posted by PANVEGA on November 5, 2008

In this example I wanna show you how to easy it is to develope a synchron Task für a SP List in Visual Studio. The receiver event fires, when you want to delete e.g. a task from the Tasklist while it is under progress or not complete. That is why we need a synchron Task. Here you cancel the deleting action and throw an error message.

Synchonous event ends with at -ing e.g. ItemDeleting.  Asynchonous event ends with at -ed e.g. ItemDeleted.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Problems when deploying a FeatureReceiver dll in the ISS bin folder

Posted by PANVEGA on October 28, 2008

I could not deploy a SPFeatureReceiver dll  assembly  via the WebApplication instead of the GAC. I correctly used the Assembly Location=”MyDllName” DeploymentTarget=”WebApplication” /> line in my manifest and had the dll in the root of the solution file. However it was still unable to load the event receiver assembly and the dll did not deploy. Read the rest of this entry »

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