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Introduction in Custom WF Activities

Posted by PANVEGA on January 20, 2009

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 allows non-developers to create custom workflows in a straightforward way by using the workflow designer it provides. During the process, the user “glues” together different activities that represent the steps for the workflow. There are numerous activities one can use and the list is extensible. Developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to build additional activities and deploy them, so that they are available in Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

My example in the post extendes the default out of the box Activity in the SP Designer (Copy List item). In the default activity you can only copy an item in the same site. I added a new attribute DestinationListUrl which copies the select item from the root list by using the SP Object Model to the destination list in an other site collection.


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Custom Workflow Activity combined with InfoPath and XSLT

Posted by PANVEGA on May 4, 2008

In my case I needed a custom workflow activity in order to send a email notification to some users. In addition the workflow triggers when a new InfoPath XSN formular was created. And exactly here was my problem.

In my InfoPath Formular there are some repeating sections which should be transformed via XSLT and CSS in the presented email body.  By default the SP Designer workflow Email activity can not 100% realize the repeating sections. So I developed a custom activity in Visual Studion which links to a specific XSLT file.

InfoPath –> MOSS –> (XSLT, CSS) HTML

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