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How to retrieve Sites and Pages from the SiteMapProvider recursively

Posted by PANVEGA on April 8, 2009

In this short post I gonna show you how to retreive  a SharePoint SiteMapProvider here CurrentNavSiteMapProvider (LeftNavBar) in your MasterPage and create a XML file where you gonna write the XmlNodes in a hierarchigal structure. You can use the XML for instance to add the control into your MasterPage and parse the Navigation Tree with Silverlight, JavaScript or Flash in order to get your custom animated SharePoint Navigation.

Sharepoint is going to build you a sitemapprovider based off your logical architecture of your site. So, if you site has a root site and it has children and it’s children have children – then the sitemapprovider it creates for you will look like that.

Read more about SiteMapProvider and how to customize in one of my previous post:

Provides PortalSiteMapNode objects that represent a merging of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP Navigation store and dynamic site structure, including sites and pages.

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Embed a Flash Animation into a Content Editor Webpart in Sharepoint

Posted by PANVEGA on March 30, 2008

In this post I wanna show how easy it is to embed some nice Flash Animation to your SharePoint application. I wanna show in some steps to how bring the animation into a Content Editor Webpart. With this WP it is very easy to add your flash reference and presentation to the page. Using a Webpart, gives you a flexible way to show the flash animation. Read the rest of this entry »

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