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How to apply Digital Signature in a InfoPath formular?

Posted by PANVEGA on March 3, 2009

When creating a InfoPath template you can trust with Digital Signature in 2 ways.

  1. When developing an IP template you can add a certificate to your XSN template and publish and apply it on your server. So that every client knows that the formular comes from a trusted location.
  2. The other Certification procedure is a client site created certificate which should be send to the  server CA (Certificate Authority). This is very usefully when many e.g. employees travel and work remotely, the forms must be available to be completed and signed in a Web browser or IP CLient form. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to manipulate InfoPath with CodeBehind

Posted by PANVEGA on February 16, 2009

I wonna show you how easy it is to manipulate the InfoPath Formular in C# Codebehind. The compiled DLL becomes part of the InfoPath form template (XSN) file.

1. First you have to install the VSTA tools for Visual Studio.

With the familiar Visual Studio development environment, VSTA enables Visual Basic and Visual C# developers to easily build managed customizations for both COM and .NET applications. The VSTA SDK includes integration tools, samples, and documentation to help you get started with VSTA.

Download Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA)  here

2. Then create in InfoPath a new Formular with some for instance textboxes and Submit buttons. Under Tool–> Programming –>Microsoft Visual StudioTools… you will automatically redirected to the VS CodeBehind InfoPath Project.

3. In addition the Tool deploys a dll in your XSN file when building the project. Read the rest of this entry »

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Custom Workflow Activity combined with InfoPath and XSLT

Posted by PANVEGA on May 4, 2008

In my case I needed a custom workflow activity in order to send a email notification to some users. In addition the workflow triggers when a new InfoPath XSN formular was created. And exactly here was my problem.

In my InfoPath Formular there are some repeating sections which should be transformed via XSLT and CSS in the presented email body.  By default the SP Designer workflow Email activity can not 100% realize the repeating sections. So I developed a custom activity in Visual Studion which links to a specific XSLT file.

InfoPath –> MOSS –> (XSLT, CSS) HTML

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Modify a XSN InfoPath by using makecab command

Posted by PANVEGA on January 5, 2008

Sometimes you have to change manually any files for e.g. the .xsd schema in a InfoPath XSN file. But how can you build extracted XSN files back to a XSN formular? In this article I will show you how to realzie that.But before I give you some imformation about this unknown format.

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Create a Multi-Select List Box with InfoPath 2003

Posted by PANVEGA on November 4, 2007

InfoPath 2003 does not include a multi-select list box control, it is possible to create one using the controls present in InfoPath SP1 Preview:

In this post I am going to show you a easy example how to create a very similar approach in 2003 IP than with 2007 IP. This example is from a msdn post.

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