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Dual Authentication Providers in SharePoint 2007

Posted by PANVEGA on March 17, 2009

In a production environment, I would opt to install both on to a machine even though it will be primarily Internet\Extranet facing, even if it is using the local directory services.  This gives a backdoor to managing the site should you have problems with the forms authentication mechanism (or other).

In order having many different third party authenticatin providers for your SP application you can solve this problem in SharePoint 2007. In the new version different authentication providers are supported. In fact, different providers can be used together for the same site! A major improvement which will make a lot of people very happy.

A single web application only supports a single authentication provider, such as Windows, Forms, etc. That mean, you can not use one application (Domain namsepace) for 2 or more authentication providers. Read the rest of this entry »


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How to create a SQL CLR-Trigger to update MOSS

Posted by PANVEGA on September 9, 2008

In my szenario I should trigger a custom Webservice which consumes a SharePoint Lists.asmx Service in order to add an item to a list. However the client did not want to cosume the custom Webservice in his website. The idea was to throw an trigger in the SQL DB when a website visitor submites a formular and stores it in the DB.

The event or trigger should call the webservice method and collect the appropriate values through a SQL Statement. In the next step the values should commit to the webserice method and call the updatelistitem function and create a new Item in a specific MOSS list.

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