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Sharepoint Authentication Button

Posted by PANVEGA on July 16, 2008

Sometimes it is not wished that the logion button can be seen on the startpage or on any other Sharepoint page. You can handle this problem by making the logion invisible in your master page. Authenticated user have to add the /_layouts/Authenticate.aspx after the domain name in order to get the login prompt. This is sometimes very useful, especially when you have publishing pages.

However you have to remember an other security issue. By default the user authenication values are send to the server in cleartext which nobody really wants.

The first possibilty is to write some JavaScript code with redirect the lofion by usinf SSL for the Sharepoint authentication and the user information is send encrypted to the server. Another solution, however a litle bit more offer is to develope a custom webpart which replaces the default logion scenario. It does not matter which way you decided, always set the authentication over Secure Sockets Layer.



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